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Our Philosophy
Of Care

IMG wishes to provide a corridor for open communication between all our service users and partners. In doing so, IMG aims to establish a clear connection between our service users and the care service provided.

Preserving the rights of our care users

Compassionate care by all our staff

Making a difference in peoples lives

Care provided with respect and dignity

Why choose Inspire Management Group Ltd?

Inspire Management Group Ltd. (IMG) is a domiciliary care provider
that focuses on delivering person-centered care service. We want to provide a care
service within our local community that we are proud of and really make a
difference in our local elderly population’s life.

IMG is run by people who place people first. We want to work in a collective, inclusive, supportive, and humane way where each and everyone who is part of IMG is looked after to the best of our ability. At IMG we are focused on delivering what we have promised, and what is expected of us.

We are proud to an approved Any Qualified Provider (AQP) by the NHS.

Care, compassion, courtesy,
and concern


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